Why EFT? You ask.

Well, I have been fascinated with how people process things, especially trauma, for quite a while. 

It really saddens me when people are stuck in any form. It is like a seed that never gets to be in good soil and grow and fulfil its mission! Or like a plant that is trying to grow without much water or sunlight. Just not a fun picture!

With this mindset, I have been trying to help people who are stuck. I didn’t go the official counselling route, or psychiatry, simply because these were not my interests when I started studying! IT was my gig 🙂

It probably only really became an interest once I had my own anxiety issues! 

I was involved in lay counselling in churches and learnt a couple of very helpful techniques, but they were not alway very successful, unfortunately.

I bumped into EFT a number of times over a space of about 15 years, and the last time was just too obvious to ignore!

So, I decided to take it seriously, and get proper training in EFT, and voila, here I am, a trained EFT practitioner!!

I am delighted with this method, as it helps to bring release and freedom from limiting mindsets and belief systems, helps with trauma that is stuck in the body and/or mind, and is a great self-help tool (once you know exactly how to use it 🙂

Be realistic, though, it is not a 1-minute wonder, but it does bring lasting results and often in a shorter time than other therapies. I will add some science blurb in another post if you want to check some studies, but for now you can just research on the internet and fine some 🙂


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