Letting go of yucky rubbish is so easy, right? Yeah, if we are talking dirty food wrappers, or packaging that has been ripped off to reveal the new shiny thing that was just delivered at our doorstep!

But many times letting go is NOT easy. Why is that?

I think is because we have built some kind of relationship with these things. So what are these things?

These things can be birthday cards from loved ones – we already have so much clutter (except you minimalists out there!!), and we can’t afford to keep another card, but the relationship with the person, and the connection that the card provides, is what we treasure, and we would like to hold on to that for a while. That is not bad, connection is great! Especially in today’s world.

However there are some emotional things that we do not want to let go of, for example we want to remember some of the pain from the past, because it is a reminder to keep us safe in the future! In this instance letting go is going to make us vulnerable all over and open to hurt again. This means that we could have a perception of hanging on to painful memories or emotions of painful memories is protective.

In reality it is not. We are intelligent beings, and will remember the lesson even if we let go of the painful emotions! This is the hope to cling to, so that we may go to those places & let go of them. Even an animal (who does not store the emotion associated with painful events) keep the learning.

I encourage you therefore with the knowledge that it IS in fact safe to let go of painful emotions. You will not forget the learning, and will be able to live with a whole lot more freedom than you have now.

Live free!

One thought on “Letting Go

Jo Davis

April 12, 2021 - 03 : 40 : 30

THANK YOU SO MUCH for a wonderful opportunity for release and freedom


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