I am not sure if you have wondered this about humanity in general, but it is true! Ask a random number of people today & check if they feel that their life has purpose & whether they are excited about their future, or whether they perhaps feel stuck. (Let me know in the comments what their answers are!)

Anyway, I think (personal opinion warning! 🙂 that it is because we feel that we have to achieve stuff, and when we don’t, we end up feeling depressed and  hopeless and feel like giving up!

Life is about way more than achieving stuff! It has been a difficult transition for me to make, as I am a very driven person, but I realised that drivenness is hard on the health and the body! Life is meant to be lived, life is meant to be enjoyed, life is meant to be savoured. Yes, we ARE meant to stop and smell the roses, or frangipanis, or jasmine, or whatever nice smelling thing you can find along your journey!

But what about just plain feeling stuck? Amazingly, I think we feel stuck because we perceive insurmountable obstacles are in our way. And more often than not it is because we perceive ourselves as not being able to move forward & overcome these obstacles. The reason for these perceptions usually come from earlier in our lives! What we believed about what others said about us, how we compared ourselves to others & fell short, or traumas that we experienced that told us that we had no protection and no one to help us on this journey!

And it does not always help to go to the Christian platitudes that God is for us, or we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, because these things are simply not true for us deep inside. So, how do we resolve these beliefs! We need to go back in time, and address those events that caused us to believe like this, and change our perceptions and beliefs! The event stays the same historically, but our perception and belief can, and must, change in order for us to start to have hope that Christ in us CAN give us the victory & cause us to not be stuck anymore.

One last thing, do remember that this is a journey, which means that it may take quite a few steps before you will be fully unstuck, but what a goal to have!!

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