When we are stressed, we usually only think in terms of being stressed in our minds, or even stressed in our hearts, and we forget that our bodies stress with us!

The clenching of the teeth, the clutching at our hearts, the turmoil in our tummies, and just the general tension in our muscles! These are all ways that our bodies are physically responding to the stress we are experiencing on an emotional or mind level.

The fascinating thing is that we can actually intervene and calm our physical bodies down! The body and the mind interacts on each other & you can approach this stress aspect from either side, or from both at the same time!

Excuse my use of exclamation marks, but I just get excited about this! (another one 🙂 )

EFT is an excellent way to calm the body down. And yes, you can add some diaphragm breathing into the mix as well, or alternate for more calming effects. And when the body is calm, we have instantly helped ourselves lessen the physical effects of the stress on our bodies, but more importantly, now we can begin the emotional work. If you are feeling tense & clenching your teeth, I am sure you are not really inclined to try and resolve something…

So, join me in calming our bodies so that we can help bring calm to our mind and emotions.

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